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Valeria Maria Iannilli

Full Professor

Architect and Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Design Department. She is a Faculty Member of the School of Design, where she is President of the Fashion Design Programs (Bachelor and MSc) and teaches Fashion Retail Experience (MSc) and Transmedia Storytelling in the Fashion industry (BS). She is expert of management of narrative processes as place of cultural exchange in “culture intensive” industries. 

Her research interests concern retail design processes as the expression of the identity of a company to promote the construction of an active dialogue with users’ communities. Her current research investigates the impact of digital transformation on the retailing experience by focusing her attention on omnichannel customer experience and the new Phygital concept and format. 

Latest publications

Design Dynamics. Navigating the new Complex Landscape of Omnichannel Fashion Retail

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.

Fashion Retail (R)evolution in a Solid and Liquid Experience

Iannilli, V. M.

Navigating Complexity: The Evolving Role of Design in Omnichannel Retail

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.

Piloting a Design-led Operational Model for Retail Design in Multidisciplinary Environments

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.; Di Iorio, M.; Fabro Cardoso, G.

Designing Meaningful Retail Experiences by Adopting a Scenario-Driven Approach. The “Shaping Retail Innovation” Pilot Project

Spagnoli, A.; Iannilli, V. M.