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Consultancy and Services

The design-led retail research laboratory showcases its comprehensive capabilities in addressing diverse challenges and opportunities across the retail landscape through design-driven services and consultancy activities.

Retail Concept Development

Brand briefing, market research and contextual analysis. Strategic asset definition and concept development. Definition of new service models. Concept prototyping.

Customer-Centric Strategies

Trend and drivers’ analysis. Target audience definition. User experience research. User journey modeling and seamless customer experience strategic development.

Technological Integration

Analysis and positive exploitation of digital transformation impacts. Augmented store concepting. Technological integration advisory. Service blueprint and appearance mockups.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Fostering of innovative projects at urban and territorial levels. Analysis of local identity. Identification and co-design with stakeholders. Definition of positioning and distribution strategies.

Strategic Branding and Narrative Enhancement

Exploitation of narrative potential in physical and digital channels. Brand DNA analysis and strategic competitive positioning. Design visualization and storytelling. Consistent narrative storytelling management and content creation.