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The Retail Experience Lab is focused on the innovation of retail experiences in a pysical, virtual or phygital context.

The Lab leads companies towards a digital and sustainable transition by transferring knowledge and research into an applied framework.

A transformation process characterises the current retail competitive context due to a combined effect of social, technological, economic, and cultural processes. The emergence of pervasive connectivity, more intuitive interfaces and new interactive channels drive retail innovation and affect customer behaviour and expectations simultaneously. New integrated channels evolve into complex omni-channel networks, facilitated by the impact of mobile and social media’s role in returning to a Seamless Customer Experience within which consumers move freely with consistent narrative experiences. At the same time, digital transformation can nurture and foster the required sustainable transition and redefine new circular and responsible business models.

Within this framework, the omni-channel architecture breaks the integrity of traditional channels by returning to a new retail paradigm and encouraging strategic design experimentation with new formats, concepts, augmented experiences and more sustainable solutions. In this context, the Retail Experience Lab aims to drive companies towards a digital and sustainable transition by transferring knowledge and scientific research into an applied framework for SMEs, retailers, municipalities and professionals.

The Retail Experience Lab participates and promotes research, consultancy and training activities, declined as follows: 


The Lab cooperates with diverse professional, business and academic partners promoting the transfer of scientific, applied and experimental research results to enterprises, public institutions, and citizens.

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The LAB offers consultancy services to companies (SMEs and retailers) by using and activating collaborations with technical and/or scientific partners in order to help companies promote innovation in the retail sector.

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The Lab offers different training and educational formats for professionals, companies, and sector organizations (master classes, design workshops, and tailored in presence/online courses).

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