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Etichette Narranti. Improving STEAM for/with High Schools communities

A collaboration between the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano, the Micron Technology Foundation, and students from the ViganĂ² Technical Institute in Merate has resulted in an innovative project that combines creativity, technology, and sustainability. The project covered three main themes: Fashion & Sustainability, Fashion & Social Inclusion, and Fashion & Body Shaming. The first theme explored the journey of clothing production from the initial idea to the finished product, as well as the origin and production of raw materials. The second theme focused on promoting and increasing visibility for minorities, including those of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socioeconomic statuses, disabilities, and ages. The third theme aimed to challenge the aesthetic standards imposed by society and the fashion industry.
The project gave rise to the ‘A DEI QR code project’, a website presented during the event held on June 5 at the ISS ViganĂ² in Merate. This project represents a significant advancement in addressing the challenges of STEAM, sustainability, and inclusion in the fashion industry. The students have developed an ‘ideal’ website for selling products from the ‘Ius Vestis’ brand, with the goal of promoting sustainable and inclusive production and emphasizing the crucial role of labels in consumers’ purchasing decisions. The project aims to educate people about sustainable practices in the fashion sector and increase consumer awareness.




Funded By

Micron Technology Foundation