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Theme and Tracks


We invite papers that aim to enhance the understanding of design’s value in the commercial sector, including areas such as interior design, architecture, retail and hospitality, branding, marketing, strategic design, design management, and consumer psychology. Although design and its value have been studied from various disciplinary perspectives—ranging from product design to marketing, business economics, service design, management, environmental psychology, and (interior) architecture—these perspectives have often developed in isolation. This fragmentation, with discrete research methods and results, limits the practical application of findings across the interconnected fields of design, retail, and services. We seek contributions that bridge these gaps and promote a more integrated approach.



This two-day colloquium will bring together scholarly experts and practitioners in the areas of retail design, service design and hospitality design to share their knowledge and experiences with fellow academics and practitioners. Scholarly, conceptual, empirical and practitioner papers are welcomed, especially those that address the proposed colloquium themes:

  • Towards responsible retail design and services, championing sustainability, inclusion and diversity
  • Contemporary retail spaces online and offline
  • Phygital retail spaces
  • Human-centred retail design and services within the sustainable theme
  • Intersection between retail design and services
  • Reimagined future retail design and services
  • Co-creative processes in retail design and services
  • Innovation in retail, service or hospitality design
  • Localism and sustainability
  • What role can technology play in more sustainable retail and service design?
  • The role of customer experience in more sustainable futures
  • Restorative retail design and services


Find further information about the colloquium at this page.