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Alessandra Spagnoli

Assistant Professor

PhD in Design and Technologies for the Enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano, Design Department. She is member of the Fip – Fashion in Process Research Lab. She is Faculty Member of the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, where she is Secretary of the Fashion Design Programs (BA and MSc) and teaches Visual Design Elements (BA) and Fashion Retail Experience (MSc). She is member of the PhD Faculty of the PhD Design School at Politecnico di Milano. 

Her research interests concern managing design-driven processes for developing and enhancing Cultural Heritage and CCIs, exploring new paradigms and narrative structures in retail and exhibit design, studying technological impact on retail omnichannel customer experience, and developing servitisation processes in fashion retail. 

Latest publications

Design Dynamics. Navigating the new Complex Landscape of Omnichannel Fashion Retail

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.

Framing Fashion Omnichannel Retail: Theoretical Concepts and Emerging Integrated Models

Spagnoli, A.

Navigating Complexity: The Evolving Role of Design in Omnichannel Retail

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.

Piloting a Design-led Operational Model for Retail Design in Multidisciplinary Environments

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.; Di Iorio, M.; Fabro Cardoso, G.

Dematerializing fashion. Improving design-led sustainable and hybrid retail experiences via digital twins

Spagnoli, A.; Fabro Cardoso, G.