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Augmented Retail Experience for The Furniture Sector. Intensive Design Workshop

The Intensive Design Workshop, conducted to create a new retail experience within the realm of new furniture scenarios, represents a focused attempt to seamlessly amalgamate physical and digital facets within the complex framework of omnichannel retail. The workshop, hosted by POLI.Design and crafted around a curated selection of Italian design furniture companies, employed a variety of targeted tools to steer and catalyze the generation of innovative concepts in the context of a relatively standardized and complex retail landscape, specifically within the domain of furniture retail.
The Workshop results in various omnichannel experience customer journeys, strategically considering and connecting narrative settings, digital activation triggers, and pre- and post-experience components. The outcomes showcase innovative solutions that align with the envisioned brand strategies, effectively navigating the multifaceted intricacies associated with both physical and digital realms, demonstrating a valuable understanding of how phygital components can be strategically integrated into the specific furniture retail context.