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New Approaches to Branding and Retail Strategies in an Omnichannel Context. Intensive Design Workshop

This pilot combines management, design, and social sciences in the fashion industry, with a primary focus on management. An initial theoretical class followed by progress reviews was the project format.
The brief is associated with the English brand Labour and Wait, established in 2000 in the heart of East London’s market district by two former menswear designers who aimed to promote well-made and durable home goods. The brand currently has four locations in London and one in Tokyo. The store provides a selection of practical and enduring products for daily use, promoting the idea of high-quality and timeless items. The participants were divided into groups and asked to envision the integration of Labour and Wait into the Italian market, specifically in Milan.
Developing a project of this nature is challenging due to the strong emphasis on aesthetics in both physical and digital stores, which convey a distinct British essence.
It aimed to create a unique brand experience for the Italian market by adapting the customer journey, both physically and online, with a curatorial approach. It also aimed to propose collaborations with new brands in the fashion, food, and beauty sectors, as well as implementing new services and physical/virtual experiences. The development of the work covers creative and strategic techniques.