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The Retail Experience Lab embraces a multidisciplinary approach, merging aspects of the in-store experience, omnichannel strategies, and service offerings, all within the broader context of digital and sustainable transformation. The Lab’s methodology focuses on a design-led innovation strategy. It involves a meticulous study of consumer behaviour, emerging technologies, and environmental considerations to inform the development of cutting-edge retail solutions. By prioritising design practices and tools, the Lab seeks to improve the physical and digital aspects of the shopping experiences and aligns these advances with sustainable practices. Through its holistic strategy, the Retail Experience Lab aims to shape the future of retail by creating spaces and services that resonate with the contemporary consumer, emphasising the creation of new meanings and product experiences while addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by ongoing digital and sustainable transformations.

Through a design-driven approach and thanks to an interdisciplinary partners’ network, the Lab activities focus on emerging and frontier issues in different fields.

Promoting the development of innovative projects that increase competitiveness and make them distinctive, providing expertise in brand briefing and contextual analysis, market research and analysis, strategic asset definition and concept development.

Analysing and positively exploiting the impacts of digital transformation and channel proliferation to strengthen and engage new audiences, providing expertise in trend & drivers analysis, target audience definition, user journey modelling and seamless customer experience strategic development.

Promoting solutions that can ‘augment’ the physical store through a meaningful application of readily available technology, with expertise in strategic product-system offering, augmented store concepting, and technological integration advisor.

Encouraging the development of innovative projects at urban and territorial level through the analysis of local identity, the identification and co-design with stakeholders (retailers, consumers, local actors), and the definition of positioning and distribution strategies.

Defining and perfecting new service models for enhancing, displaying, curating, customising and optimising distribution to promote a richer, smoother and more sustainable customer experience, providing expertise in user experience research, service blueprint, and appearance mockups.

Studying how retail spaces - physical and digital - can be turned into an opportunity to implement more responsible and circular solutions, providing expertise in market and supply chain analysis, strategic positioning, and concept prototyping.

In physical and digital context, with expertise in design visualisazion and storytelling, experience journey mapping, strategic asset definition and concept development.

Offering solutions to strengthen and enhance the corporate distinctiveness and exploit the narrative potential of physical and digital channels, with expertise in brand DNA analysis and strategic competitive positioning, consistent narrative storytelling management, and content creation.