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Gabriela Fabro Cardoso

PhD Candidate

MSc in Design for the Fashion System, Gabriela Fabro Cardoso is a Fashion Designer post graduated in UX/Experience Design and is currently a PhD Candidate at Politecnico di Milano, Design Department. She is part of FIP (Fashion in Process Research Lab), where she previously worked as a Research Fellow investigating how Design can intervene in the development of phygital experiences and retail processes.  

Her current research interests concern the investigation of how the field of Design can embrace the challenge of stand up as an agent of change, contributing to the transformation of the Fashion System into a more sustainable paradigm. The scope of her research is designing new sustainable Fashion Retail Models related to community-driven consumption dynamics.  

Latest publications

Omnichannel Retail in Practice: A Look at Applied Solutions in the Fashion Industry

Fabro Cardoso, G.; Elli, T.

Piloting a Design-led Operational Model for Retail Design in Multidisciplinary Environments

Iannilli, V. M.; Spagnoli, A.; Di Iorio, M.; Fabro Cardoso, G.

Dematerializing fashion. Improving design-led sustainable and hybrid retail experiences via digital twins

Spagnoli, A.; Fabro Cardoso, G.

Collaborative Fashion Consumption: Second-hand PSSs as agent of change

Fabro Cardoso, G.; Spagnoli, A.

Ongoing transformations in fashion retail experience design. Exploring fashion retail experience design through four case studies

Di Iorio, M.; Fabro Cardoso, G.