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MUSA Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action 

MUSA Multilayered Urban Sustainability Action is an Ecosystem of Innovation that promotes the development of innovative projects as a response to the challenges that the metropolitan reality of Milan faces in the transition towards the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. The research group is involved within Spoke 5 – Sustainable Fashion, Luxury & Design, a research track that focuses on developing and promoting new materials, new processes, and new, more sustainable and circular development models for the creative and cultural sectors of fashion, luxury and design.

In particular, within Spoke 5, the research group deals with the development of an incubator for innovative projects aimed at promoting new distribution and retail models in highly creative and cultural sectors (fashion, design and lifestyle), oriented towards sustainability and able to foster processes of regeneration and valorisation of urban cultural, creative and productive capital. The project intends to act on different levels of intervention: product-lifecycle, extending and controlling the life cycle of products, promoting behavioural change; cultural, enhancing the cultural heritage and know-how linked to the design and production phases, enhancing the productive districts; urban, creating virtuous connections, networking the actors of the territory (Milan and Lombardy).

Recognising retail as a potential activator of sustainable and circular processes in the territory, the project explores the potential of servitisation as a lever to improve resource efficiency and create positive environmental effects for society. Product-service systems (PSS) are considered effective tools for implementing circular economy processes through improved resource utilisation, positively influencing extended corporate responsibility, generating new revenue streams, gaining new competitive advantages, and increasing consumer awareness. Within this scenario, the project aims to:

Accompanying companies towards the piloting of innovative, sustainable, and circular retail and services formats and concepts;
Experimenting with innovative distribution models for products and services with high cultural content (design, fashion, lifestyle);
Define supporting protocols and effective tools to trigger transferable design processes;
Activate training and human capital enhancement processes;
Setting up meetings, conferences, and workshops with companies, retailers, start-ups, professionals, designers, trade associations, citizens and municipalities to share and co-design sustainable solutions.



2022 — 2025


Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca, Università Bocconi, Università Statale di Milano

Funded By

NRRP National Recovery and Resilience Plan fund