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Francesca Bonfim Bandeira

Omnichannel Specialist

Fashion Designer, she graduated from Politecnico di Milano and ventured into design, research, and technology. Collaborating with Politecnico di Milano’s design department, she began her career at M-Cube. In her role as Omnichannel Product Specialist, she shaped the platform’s strategic direction, evolution, and internalization. Francesca also shared her expertise through lectures on retail evolution and customer experience design. She later explored the creative sphere by joining Milan’s Collettivo D’ORA, contributing to events, immersive installations, and supporting local art galleries. Today, as a research fellow at Politecnico di Milano, she investigates technology and sustainability in the retail sector while consulting for an Italian sustainable brand, advocating for innovation in fashion, technology, and retail.

Latest publications

Transformative Technologies and Experiential Strategies in Contemporary Omnichannel Retail: A Comprehensive Analysis

Bonfim Bandeira, F.