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May 25, 2022

IPOL “Phygital in Retail” Round Table

“On the occasion of the ‘Crafting Luxury’ conference hosted by IPOL In Pursuit of Luxury 2022 (27 May 2022), the Retail Experience Lab curated a panel discussion on ‘Phygital in Retail: Evolution and Opportunities’. IPOL is a network that brings together experts from academia and global brands from fashion, technology, transport and other sectors with the aim of investigating the concept of luxury and its impact on global markets, consumer behaviour and the supply chain.

The panelists addressed and discussed issues relevant to the future of retail: the impact of the current high technological availability on consumption and business models, the new role of the physical shop in a context of progressive “”dematerialisation”” of the product system, and how and if the dynamics of luxury (e.g. selection, scarcity, exclusivity) influence and are influenced by technological transformation.

Panelists: V.M. Iannilli and A. Spagnoli (POLIMI, Department of Design), Alexio Cassani (CTO Cortilia – Co-Founder Stentle), Alexander Ã…hnebrink (Experience Design Director, Deutsche Telekom Ag), Claudia Baldi (Architect, MatStudio).”





Valeria Maria Iannilli

Alessandra Spagnoli

Alexio Cassani

Alexander Ã…hnebrink

Claudia Baldi


IPOL. In Pursuit of Luxury 2022. "Crafting Luxury" Conference


Retail Formats, Technology


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