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February 23, 2023

Shop the Future: Immersive Luxury with FARFETCH’s Tech-Powered Stores

FARFETCH is a global platform for luxury fashion that combines online and offline experiences. It has made acquisitions such as Browns and developed innovative technology like their Connected Retail Suite to bridge the digital-physical gap. This suite includes a personalized consumer app, data-driven retail app, and interactive in-store devices such as smart mirrors and racks. This approach aims to personalize the shopping journey by seamlessly connecting online and offline experiences.

FARFETCH Limited, established in 2008, is a prominent global platform for luxury fashion retail. Originating as an e-commerce platform, FARFETCH quickly started to work on physical stores. The company’s mission revolves around connecting creators, curators, and discerning consumers, fostering a unique and immersive shopping experience.
FARFETCH’s growth has been substantial, expanding its reach to over **190 countries** and offering products from **more than 50 countries and 1,400 luxury brands**. Notably, FARFETCH has acquired several luxury retailers, including Browns, Stadium Goods, and New Guards Group, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and expansion.
With a strong focus on technology, FARFETCH aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital retail experiences. Despite the forecast that online sales will grow significantly, FARFETCH acknowledges the enduring importance of offline sales. To enhance the luxury retail journey, FARFETCH employs digital technologies to capture valuable customer data, augmenting the unique aspects of physical stores.

FARFETCH’s Store of the Future initiative showcases its Connected Retail suite, introduced in 2017. This suite includes a consumer app, a connected retail app, and connected devices. The consumer app offers a tailored experience for shoppers, recognising them upon entry and providing personalised product suggestions. Customers can use the app to scan products, experience virtual try-on technology, check stock availability, and interact with style advisors in-store and remotely.
The connected retail app is designed for retail teams, providing qualitative and quantitative customer data to support cross-selling and upselling. By fostering personal connections, this app enhances brand loyalty. The connected devices, including interactive screens, mirrors, and smart racks, integrate digital capabilities into physical stores. Interactive displays provide inspirational experiences, particularly for showcasing rare and luxury items. Interactive mirrors in fitting rooms offer detailed product information, assist with sizing, and suggest outfit pairings. Smart racks use advanced technologies to track customer interactions with products, enhancing customer engagement.
FARFETCH’s innovative approach to merging digital and physical retail experiences highlights its commitment to elevating the luxury shopping journey. Through data-driven personalisation and immersive technology, FARFETCH strives to redefine online and offline luxury retail boundaries, providing customers with an exceptional and seamless shopping experience.


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