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September 16, 2023

Nike House of Innovation: A Seamless Journey Blending Technology & Personalized Service

Nike, founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports and rebranded as Nike Inc. in 1971, is a renowned athletic footwear and apparel corporation known for its innovative strategies. These strategies revolve around technological innovation, engagement, and intelligent targeting to build a thriving community.

Digital Integration within the In-Store Experience
In response to the growing demand for digital shopping experiences, Nike has shifted its focus towards its website and mobile applications and implemented innovative customer journeys based on omnichannel strategies. The flagship store, “House of Innovation 000,” opened in New York in 2018 and was followed by stores in Shanghai (House of Innovation 001) and Paris (House of Innovation 002). These stores, especially House of Innovation 000, emphasise digital interactions with consumers. The store’s first floor, “Nike Arena,” welcomes visitors with digital displays and offers access to core Nike collections. The “Nike Sneaker Lab” provides an immersive shoe-buying experience, showcasing the latest innovations and allowing customers to reserve and pick up items using the “Pick Up Lockers.” Moreover, a customisation space called “Nike by You” allows in-store personalisation of products. Nike’s mobile app enhances the shopping experience with features like “Scan to Try,” “Shop the Look,” and “Instant Checkout,” promoting convenience.

Engaging with Consumers Through Multiple Digital Touchpoints
The Nike App plays a central role, allowing visitors to access detailed information about products, book items, create entire looks, and even purchase items based on community demand. The store’s data-driven approach helps rotate items according to local preferences. Specialists, known as “store athletes,” engage with customers, providing personalised suggestions and expertise.
Nike uses various platforms like dedicated social media pages (e.g., Nike Running, Nike Women, Nike Basketball), events (e.g., Air Max day), and User-Generated Content (SNEAKRS app via the #Kickcheck hashtag) to connect with its audience. It also employs community feedback for co-creation through initiatives like Nike by You and creates specialised apps such as Nike Run Club.

Highly Integrated Customer Experience
Nike’s House of Innovation demonstrates the significance of integrating digital and physical environments in the retail industry. By investing in journey mapping and understanding consumer behaviours, Nike has successfully combined the convenience of online shopping with the personalised, engaging experience of physical stores. The seamless integration of digital tools and personalised services within the physical space highlights the brand’s commitment to enhancing the overall consumer journey.


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Nike House of Innovation, New York - Paris - Shangai

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