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December 5, 2023

Lush Hair Lab: Sustainable Services for Beauty Immersive Experiences

Lush, the ethical and green cosmetics brand, is expanding its customer experience introducing the HairLab services offering, championing sustainability in the hairdressing sector. The Lush HairLab is setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry, claiming a 100% waste recycling aim, by implementing a reuse strategy for hair cuttings and recycling materials like aluminium foil and dye tubes.

From Product to Service
Consistently over time, Lush in-store experience strategy has been oriented to providing a personalised experience to customers with the focus on helping them find the appropriate green and ethically sourced product for their needs. The Lush HairLab embodies the next of the sustainable experiences at Lush. The company declared a 100% waste recycling aim, through the implementation of a reuse and recycling strategy for materials like aluminium foil and dye tubes, reflecting Lush’s commitment to redefining the conventional boundaries of hair care, while staying perfectly consistent with their brand identity and experience strategy over time.

Transformative Experience
Coherently with brand values and communication the Lush HairLab salon in Brighton opens up a new service offering path for the brand, offering a holistic approach to hairdressing and barbering. The salon’s interior features a cafè and a botanical washroom, where clients are enveloped in light and sound, creating a serene atmosphere for a personalized and immersive experience. This approach reflects Lush’s commitment to redefining the conventional boundaries of beauty products and practices expanding to hairdressing services offering.
The opening of LushHair Salon represents the brand not only by products, but is building identity through experiences that can be linked to a product, and/or recall the brand’s values and atmospheres. while offering new services and products. This kind of experience strategy has been called in the marketing field Transformative Experience. Traditional concepts of sector and industry do not apply to the transformative experience, that broadens brand’s perception for the construction of a whole world imagery. Lush HairLab perfectly fits the transformative experience concept by expanding the brand to services and creating immersive experiences in their shops.

Sustainable services for beauty ethical experiences
Lush was founded in 1995, emerging from the demise of a previous mail order business called Cosmetics To Go – the same team than created and inspired the Lush venture. The company is 10% employee-owned and its core values are strongly oriented toward social and environmental sustainability, both in product development and business strategy and communication. With the HairLab is consequently experimenting new paths for the beauty retail services and experiences strategies toward inclusion and environmental sensitivity.




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